Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Wednesday 4th September

I am at home today and tomorrow.  I've got one of those invasive medical procedures that require me to not eat for 24 hours and drink a most unpleasant concoction to ensure that my body is completely empty of food detritus.

The weather is blissful.  One of those Spring days that make me feel as though I have been drugged.  Sleepy and heavy limbed warmth that suffuses through my body when I sit outside.  I've hung out some washing and it looks so happy dancing in the wind.

Inside I have my Apple TV connected up and it is playing music as my photo screen saver is on.  I take photos all the time.  Of me, my son, my husband, my dog, a tree, another tree, the beach, the back yard, the front yard, the blue sky, the grey sky and anything else that captures my eye.  When I look at them individually I wonder why I bothered. However, now as I watch them lazily pop up on the television screen they take on a different feel.  That combination of music and photos is very nostalgic.

On Sunday K and I went out to celebrate my niece's birthday (which was a couple of weeks ago).  S was going to come along too however he woke up with a very sore neck and a headache so I suggested he stay home.  The place we were going to was well over an hour's drive away and the food that was on offer was limited, trendy and not very child friendly.  Although S is a teenager his tastebuds are still those of a child.

I ordered a meal that consisted of spicy beans with poached egg  and goats cheese.  Plus a Virgin Mary. The bean dish was so full of chili that it took my breath away.  My mouth was on fire and my lips were burning but it was so, so delicious.  My nose ran like a tap and my forehead was covered with a sheen of chili sweat.  The Virgin Mary was loaded with Tabasco and after I had mine I then drank K's.

After about fifteen minutes I realised that all the chili had triggered my silent migraine thing and the right side of my face was a most unpleasant combination of tingling and numbness.  It felt like I had run into something but without the pain. .  Still, since there was no pain and only discomfort I was not too bothered.  The food was worth it.

The service was slow beyond belief.  Small place, lots of people and a tiny oven made for long waits for everything.  But the long wait allowed for lots of talk in between coffee and food.  My older sister and my brother were there.  My other niece.  Her children.  My brother's family.  So it was one of those rare family get togethers that work well.

Since I am limited what I can do today it forces me to keep relatively still and do things like blog, read, draw and lie around.  Not such a bad thing to do now and then.

linda c
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