Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday 23rd March

Yesterday (day after office rant day),  I had breakfast with my niece before I went to work.

I sent a text to the office saying "I will be in later to work because I am having breakfast in a funky cafe.  When I get in I am going to file all my shit and wear headphones and listen to music".

Then I sent an photo of my bircher muesli breakfast.  It was delicious.

And after breakfast I did just that.  I did my filing at work.  Put the "do not disturb" buttons on the phone, popped on my headphones and did what needed doing.

Bossman sent me a very nice email apologising for the stress I had been under for the past couple of months and then outlined what he was doing to change things.  When he came in he again apologised which was really lovely of him.

I worked until later than usual.  I mean, one cannot come into work at 11.00 am and not work later but I  planned that so it was okay.  After work I did food shopping so at least on the weekend I don't have to think of that.

This weekend is a bit full.  A 20km walk tonight.  Some training tomorrow morning.  A body pump class tomorrow afternoon.  Next week is the Easter break and we will have to do a 40km walk just to get a bit more fitness up.

Right now all my focus is going into just getting the Oxfam thing done.  Then I feel I will be less stressed about things.  I may be wrong, but in my head that is the thought so I will go with that.  Once I have that walk under my belt I can then turn my attention to other things I want to do.

I have been walking most days.  My niece and Mr Benny come with.  There are some nice areas that we walk through.  Little pockets of undeveloped spaces.  The photos below show one area I like to walk.  It is right in the middle of houses but there is no development here as underneath are huge stormwater drains so these will always stay this way.

The gum tree below is so thick and full of interesting colours.

In this photo is a view of the stormwater drain.  When I was very young (about 9 or 10) I remember climbing down into this drain and walking around for ages with some friends.  It was very exciting.

At the end of the grassy area I cross over the road and get onto the path that leads to a huge park.  I have walked this path hundreds of times.  Pushed a pram along it.  Jogged down it.  Walked with friends.  Walked with dogs.  It used to be charcoal grey asphalt and a while ago they repaved it.  Houses back onto it all the way. 

At the rear of one of the houses someone must have thrown some pumpkin seeds over onto the ground.  However, it's all just leaves, no pumpkin.  But I like seeing it anyway.  That mix of controlled Council garden planting and a random scruff of vegetable planting. 

I have recently bought myself a new kitchen gadget.  This came about when my niece moved in and I discovered that every day she would chop up a mix of vegetables and fruit and then grind them into this  liquid drink.  All the pulp was kept.

She and I are a bit the same in relation to vegetables.  We know they have to be eaten but we hate cooking them.  To me, drinking fresh juice with all the pulp in it is a good way to just get that whole vegetable obligation crap out of the way.

So I bought this commercial grade mixer that just makes mulch out of everything.  Between my niece and I we have come up with some fabulously disgusting ways of digesting beetroot, kale, spinach, celery and other healthy veges.  We just add something sweet like an apple or grapes to it to make it drinkable.

However, I have to confess that nobody else in the house likes these healthy juices.  Both son and husband asked how I could actually drink something that tasted like liquefied grass.  They much prefer the banana smoothies I make in it.

This morning I had beetroot, carrot, apple and celery juice.  I felt very "special" downing that one.

Last night I came home from the working day and my niece had left me a glass of something unbelievably healthy (if vile in taste).  I drank it anyway.  I can't say I felt "special", more like sick.

Today I have not been doing much.  Woke up later than usual.  Took my time just getting into the day. After a crappy work week I kind of felt physically bruised.  All that tension combined with the effects of exercise have given me aches and pains in random places.  I am doing some writing, reading the newspaper and getting my head around the prospect of having to do a 20km walk.  The walk is a doddle but just the time it eats into does not please me at all.

My niece has been out and about with her new "rebound" squeeze.  She was a week away in Tasmania and is now away down along the coast for the weekend.

I met him the other day.  He is forty, so not a kid.  Very likeable person.  B told me that she was surprised how he really wanted to make a good impression.  I asked her why that was as we are not her parents and she is not a child.  To which she replied "well, I suppose because I talk about you a lot and hold you in such high esteem he felt it was important that you liked him".

That was such a lovely, lovely thing for her to say.

Sometimes things that people say surprise me.

And move me.

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