Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday 10th February

We did our first training walk today for the Oxfam 100km event being held April something or other.

Shame, shame, shame of us for not doing anything prior.  One of the girls is out of action with significant back problems and is stuck at home with instructions to do nothing for two weeks.  It is driving her insane as she over exercises anyway.

The photo above is the the beginning of one section of the trail.  It is a new section to what we have been on before and it was very steep and it is hard to appreciate in the photo.  This hill is about 1.25km long but took us around 20 minutes to walk up.  The steps in the photo are a recent edition to the track as going downhill on the slippery gravel caused problems.

After we reached the top of this hill it was just more hills.  All of them steep.  The sort where I had to go up on tip toes to get momentum.  Lots of muscle burn going on.  It hurt and now, hours later, it still hurts.  When we reached the point where we had to turn around and head back there was a thought in my head that it would be all down hill but, as you know, what is down hill one way becomes up hill the other way so we just had as many hard hills on the way back.  It took us four hours to cover 12kms.

So we will be doing most of the training on this track.  It is the steepest section of the entire walk which is great training.

When I got home I had a shower and just mosied around before I decided to tackle the biggest hill of the day.  The huge pile of ironing that had grown.  Normally K does it but I decided to do it instead as I was too tired to do anything more taxing than that.  K noticed how beautifully I ironed the shirts compared to him.  Of course, such detail to attention meant that it took me twice as long to iron anything.  I am so anal about creases.

On Friday my niece had some friends over to do some photography.  One of the girls is a professional photographer who only uses film.  She is from Russia and her work is so beautiful.  Anyway, these friends are very bohemian I suppose.  In that "hipster" kind of way.  They said that my home was so "middle class, white bread"  with antique furniture, a picket fence and border collie.  I thought to myself "hmmmmm".  

Living with my niece is an interesting thing.  I hear what life is like in the world of 30 something year old women.  I hear dating stories.  I hear what is "hip" and what is "shit".  There is a lot of Instagram and Pintrest going on.

It is also a strange thing living with a naturally thin person.  My niece is  5'10 tall and weighs about 115 pounds.  She does not put on weight.  In fact, she loses weight very easily.  The only reason I know her weight is that she tried out my scales the other day.  She had no idea what she weighed, it means nothing to her.  Pretty much every female I know has a body image issue but my niece does not and never has.  She is thin, end of story.  And she eats a lot.  But it is uber healthy.  Part of the management of chronic fatigue is that she is very mindful of eating well.  A binge on chocolate would see her in bed for two days.

It is a bit hard for me not to want to possess that same thinness.  I mean, it looks so "clean" or something. Some sort of perfection about it.  But I don't act on the feeling.  I have my body type and she has hers.   All I want is to be fit and healthy these days.  She too would like to be like that but the chronic fatigue does put limitations on that.

Last week was such a crap week at work. I don't really want to go in tomorrow.  Once I get on top of things I think I will take a day off work mid-week and do my own thing to wind down.

Actually, I really want to not work for a while.  I want to just write and do things in the studio.  Play with my dog.  Do things in the garden.  Go to galleries.  Sit home and have cups of tea.

However, I think, for now, I might go to bed and have a good sleep.

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