Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday 1st February

Today it is seven years since I first posted on Blogger. 

Seven years.  Now, that is quite a significant amount of time to talk about your life online.

My son has gone from being an eight year old to a fifteen year old. 

I have gone from being a 42 year old to a 49 year old.

I went from looking like this (see below)

To looking like this (see below).

In the first photo I do look rather fab don't I.  Look at those slender legs.  That gorgeous tan.  The small waist.  Of course, at the time I thought I was positively repulsive.  But that was okay because everyone thought I looked great and I probably thought that was more important.

You can bet I had recorded every single thing I ate, right down to the fat content of the vitamin e supplements I took.  You can bet that I knew how many calories I ate, how many calories I used, how many carbs I ingested, how much protein I ate and how much I weighed at many different times of the day.  You can bet I laxette abused.  You can bet I brought up my food a few times a week.  You can bet I over exercised. You can bet I rewarded myself with less food when the scales said I had lost weight and you can bet that I punished myself with even less food when the scales said I put on weight.  You can bet that my anxiety levels were through the roof 24/7.  You can bet I was depressed.  You can bet that nobody really knew what was going on inside me.

Just shows you can never judge a book by its cover.......

In the second photo I think I look fab.  I have grey hair.  I am 18kgs heavier.  I am pale. I am getting lines on my face.  Hell, I even have cellulite.   Sure, I still have shit days but mostly my days are lovely.  I still have an antagonistic relationship with my body now and then but I am okay with that too.  Old habits die hard I suppose.  

When I look at those two photos and think of what has transpired in the years in between I am quietly very pleased with it all.

I wonder what the next seven years shall bring.

I wonder if you will be reading my blog in seven years.

I'll be writing still.  There are times when I don't feel like blogging but, for the majority of the time I love it.

I love the friends I have made via my blog.

Thank you.

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  1. It has been my pleasure to have known you for almost four of those years.

  2. Happy anniversary and thank you for sharing your life with the world! You looked great 7 years ago and still look great!

    I hope you are still writing 7 years from now, but the Internet will likely be very different then than it is now. I hope we both live long enough to experience it.

  3. You were lovely then, and you are lovely now.

    May the next 7 years be lovelier still.

  4. Happy Anniversary! It's a pleasure to be a reader of your blog. May the next seven years been even better to you! I can't wait to read all about it.

  5. RJ: Four years! Oh, how time has flown. x

    KYLady: Thanks ;-) The internet will be a different place. I cannot even imagine it. I just accept it will be. I feel like I have been part of a big industrial revolution.

    Cameron: I think the next seven years will be great. There's a lot to be said for getting older (and doing therapy).

    Liz: Let's hope I have something to say for the next seven years.

    Thanks to all of you for reading my blog. It's nice to know.xxxx

  6. You are beautiful.

    Your blog is one of my favorites. As long as you are writing, I'll be reading. :)

    Congrats on seven years!



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