Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday 23rd January

Well I survived the Saturday headache.  Amazingly I slept like the dead on Saturday night.  Nothing like good pain killers now and then.

On Sunday I was still a bit frail still so I just pottered around.  Made a nice apple tea cake and my niece took half of it to a picnic.  I liked that.  Tidied up around the house.  Managed to do some food shopping (at my favourite supermarket in my favourite suburb).  In the late evening my niece and I went for a 10km walk along the beach.

It was a beautiful evening.  The sun was still warm.   It was quite windy and the sea water had a misty look about it as the wind swept across it.  I think I am very lucky to live near the beach.  It is only a short drive or bike ride away and there is so much to do when there.  Sit on the beach, go to cafes, ride the bike, run on the path or walk the dog.

So the weekend was not an entire waste.

Back to work on the Monday and it was same old, same old.   Unbelievable as it sounds I still found more filing to do.  Paid some bills.  Tuesday, wages.  Wednesday, cost plus work.  Thursday will be blah blah.  Friday will be more blah blah.

But the weekend is a long weekend so it will be three days of no work.   And that is my type of blah blah.

All is still well having my niece here.  We go for long and brisk walks three times a week.  Today she told me that she was really happy and had not been this happy for such a long time.  I was very glad to hear that.  She deserves to be happy.

Tonight we went for a walk and took Mr Benny.  He really needs to get out more often and I feel a bit guilty about not taking him every day.  Tonight he was a bit skittish and did not sit very well when directed to.  Just needs to get back into it so I will take him with us for walks from now on.

Mr Benny has somehow commandeered our couch.  In a million years I would never have allowed my last dog on the couch but Mr Benny has weaseled his way into my soft spot.  The other day I came home and he was lying full length on the couch on his back, head back and mouth hanging open.  He had wriggled around into the cushions so that he was surrounded by them.  K, however, was sitting on a rather uncomfortable arm chair.   Mr Benny had hogged the entire couch.  It was rather cute.

Not much else to say today.

Weather is divine and I must water my trees before work tomorrow as they look a bit dry.

All in all, life is quite peaceful in Linda Land and I am enjoying it.

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  1. It sounds like that it's a "win-win" situation with your niece living with you right now, which is great!

    I pine for warm weather...

  2. Cameron: It is a definite win here.

    Ah, it's lovely this warm weather. I dread the cold. Unless it had snow and then looks very pretty at least.


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