Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday 28th January

I slept in.  Last night I went for another big walk with a friend so sleep was great.  I have not walked with just her beforehand.  Usually she is in the group of four of us and so the opportunity to talk one on one does not arise.  She was very funny talking about her dating experiences.  It's funny from my point of view but I am not sure it is funny for her.

She is my age so the men she would like to go out with are between 45 and 60 years old.  I think that is realistic to keep the demographic close to her age.  I know I would were I in that position.  In fact, I would be more likely to say 50 to 60.

However, many of men out there dating tend to not think that way.  The media has somehow deluded an awful lot of men into thinking that women from the age of twenty onwards are happy with any man of any age.  So, a lot of the men that my friend meets up with are quite open about the fact that they like her very much but are after someone much younger.   Those men want a nice juicy young woman.  Not someone who is middle aged.  And my friend is a fit and well kept middle aged woman.  However, the men who are after the younger gals are, well, quite the opposite.

She gets stood up.  Promises to call her are not kept.  Most men do not want to use a condom during sex (so sex does not end up happening).  Plenty of the men want sex on the first or second date and imply that she is uptight when she says no thanks.  They send text messages at weird times of the night in the hope of a booty call.  They take phone calls during dates.   There is plenty more but I am sure that any dating female out there would really get it.

I said that she needs to change her profile to get a different kind of guy.  I suggested that perhaps were she to be brutally honest about herself she will get a more interesting man.

Here is what I suggested based on what type of person I believe myself to be.

  1. I hate romantic walks on the beach
  2. I hate romantic movies
  3. I don't drink except at book club and Christmas.  
  4. I pluck hairs out from my chin - in front of anyone
  5. I insist on getting my own way- and guess what?  I do. 
  6. I swear all the time and in front of children
  7. I take ages to get ready for work
  8. I have grey hair
  9. I have a tattoo
  10. I don't like cooking.
  11. I don't like cleaning.
  12. I am unsociable 
  13. I have depression and refuse to medicate, preferring to manage it my own way
  14. Due number 13 you will have to be flexible and patient
  15. I have a deep desire to grow out my armpit hair
  16. I already do number 15 with my bikini line
Just as well I am already married!

I could follow that with some nice things about me but I don't think I will get up to 16 of them.  Do you think that I would find success?  Ha ha.  I don't understand why she thought my suggestion would not be ideal.  

So I had a nice quiet day in the house.  Baked a chocolate cake, half of which is now gone.  Watched a most beautiful movie called  The Painted Veil which is based on a Somerset Maugham novel.  Spent some time writing. 

My husband, however, has not had such a nice day.  His sister is in hospital with pancreatitis (alcohol related).  So he had to feed and check on her dog.  Then he had to take some things into hospital for her.  She has had numerous health problems and things only get worse as she gets older.  While I feel for her I think she has a bit of a victim mentality.  And that is putting it politely.

I could fill a book with her dramas. 

So, day is almost over.

Then tomorrow is work.

Life cycle of a fly. 

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  1. Maybe I am getting old but there has to be some compatibility in life and music and experiences. There are plenty of older women who still look great and take care of themselves. Sex? Always important but worth the wait if she is special. And as for your list, ha ha. Such a rebel!


  2. I love your list!!

    The tree painting is gorgeous. Is that your work?

  3. RJ: It is lucky that women are not such visual creatures as men. The men who said they were after younger women were, well, over confident about their appearance. I think the expression is "punching above their weight". Plenty of men and women keep themselves fit and healthy through their life. Just as many don't.

    I think maybe when people get into the dating scene at a late age they may not be fully aware of their age etc. Just because one feels young inside it does not mean others see that. I recall when I was young how I used to think men of 40 and over were creepy the way they showed their interest.

    Most people are realistic and, as you say, there is so much more to a good relationship than appearance. Common interest, affection, kindness etc.

    Nicole: I kept the list short! Yes, that is my tree painting. It's sitting in the kitchen and I actually like it the most of all my paintings. It is ethereal.


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