Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday 18th November

Sunny Sunday.

I do rave on about the weather don't I?  Too much maybe?  

But how can I let a glorious sunny day pass without noting it? 

When I was a little girl I recall reading a book about a competition between the cold wind and the sun.  Something about who was the stronger.  They decided to battle it out against an old man who was walking down the street.  The idea was which greater force would get the man to remove his clothing. 

The cold wind blew and blew but the old man held onto his had and wrapped his coat tightly around his body and kept walking against the wind.

The sun shone down hotly upon the man and he took off his hat.  Took off his coat.  His knitted vest was removed.  His shirt and in the end he was walking in his singlet.  

The sun won the challenge.  

It was just a children's book but it always stuck in my mind.  

Books I read as a child were often old books.  They usually had some hidden moral vein running throughout it.  Or a lesson to be learnt.  A warning of sorts.  They always stuck in my mind.  Pervasively at that.

When my son was younger I bought reprints of vintage books.  The nice ones.  Not the finger pointing moralistic ones.  There was a simplicity about the books that I wanted him to experience.  The illustrations were usually uncluttered and colours generally just primary.  I have kept the books that he loved to have read to him the most.

When the Harry Potter books came out I read them to him each night.  Up until the fifth book.  Then he decided to read the last ones himself.  It was the end of one little era but the start of a bigger thing.

Reading the HP books were no mean feat.  Each chapter was long and I would often find myself reading for over an hour.  But it was such fun.

Now my son reads online books.  Fan Fiction stuff.  He subscribes to so much that he needs an hour each day to get through it all.  Sometimes he shows me things that he has been watching, reading or listening to and I often very surprised at the content.  The other week I asked who had composed a certain piece of music and he knew it off the top of his head.

Last night we went to the fiftieth birthday party of a girl I went to school with.  It was an interesting and slightly strange experience.  She had invited her closest friends, her father and me.  I felt very touched by her invitation.

She no longer had any contact with her siblings or mother for very complicated reasons.  Reasons which were fully justified as well.  I was reminded again of how everyone has a story and too often the story of a fractured childhood is ugly.

Her four lovely children were there.  Friends she worked with. It was quite awkward for me initially as  no only had I not seen her for 35 years, I also did not know any other person apart from K.  The first thing I did was have a glass of champagne to provide some social lubricant.  Then I was able to engage with the great unknown.  And eat a lot of lovely food.  She is Greek so there was a lot of fantastic food.

We ended up getting home at around 1.00 am in the morning. She lived about an hour away and I drove home as I was the designated driver.   Driving home was a bit stressful.  Firstly I don't like driving at night.  I also did not have my driving glasses with so I may well have been driving with one eye only.  Then my dress was so uncomfortable that K had to unzip it for me whilst I was driving.  It's a 1950's style with a very fitted section from under the bustline to the waist.  It's not driving friendly at the best of times as one needs to sit very upright when wearing it.  Top that off with eating too much food and the whole thing left me breathless.

The unzipping of the dress brought with it a new set of problems.  The sleeves dropped down and had anyone looked in the window of the car they may have thought that I had consumed a lot of champagne, had a shag in the back of the car and was too slatternly to get dressed before driving home.

This morning I woke up later than usual.  I am not very good at late nights and that one glass of champagne left me feeling hungover.  So no dog training happened.

But the studio happened.  Not one specific thing.  Pasted up some posters on the ceiling. Did a bit of work on my wire sculpture.  Took photos. Deleted more photos than I took.  Played with Mr Benny despite the fact that he chewed my bike helmet to bits.

Generally just pottered around.

I did buy a pair of bike riding knicks.  They are so weird.  That bit wad of padding looks bad.  K and S laughed at me.  Okay, I was wearing them with black socks so that did not help.

The guy who sold them to me said not to wear underwear with them.

Then my older sister told me to buy some cream to make sure I don't get a rash.

Honestly, I think I'd rather sit around drinking coffee and reading the paper.

It's all getting very complicated.

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