Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Plastic Talk

After all the training and hard work to prepare for the charity walk it has been great to think of nothing along those lines.

I have been on Ebay buying a few things.  Cruising the craft pages of Etsy for inspiration.  Going through a few things around the house.

And, to top of my self indulgence I am going to a Tupperware party.

Yes, it has been a while since I bought any of that overpriced and overrated fantastic plastic.  In fact, years ago I got rid of some Tupperware when I went through an anti plastic phase.  I wanted to use glass containers and got rid of most of my plastic items only to find the glass heavy and hard to store.  Nothing stacked properly.   Besides, nothing looks quite as lovely as a pantry all Tupperware organised. Mmmmm.  Everything in its place all neat and tidy.

I can't help myself when it comes to Tupperware.  Despite the hideous cost of it I think most households have a few pieces of it.  When I was little my mother had salt and pepper shakers that sat in a plastic tripod kind of stand.  One shaker was pale yellow and the other was pale green.  I would love to have that set now.

On Ebay you can get Tupperware by the bucket load.  Used and new.  A lot of the new stuff is from Malaysia and so, so much cheaper than buying it here but I do wonder if it is the real thing.

Anyway, I need to go to the party to see the items and then know the sizes I need (loosely using the word need here).  I could buy a couple of thingies and then get more online.

It's shallow I know.  Getting excited about going to a Tupperware party but I am allowing myself the pleasure of it without the guilt.  But seriously, I need a fridge thing to stop the celery going limp so quickly.

I think I might measure my pantry shelves.  Make full use of the space I have.  How else can I keep my finger on the pulse as far as what I need to stock up when I go grocery shopping?

With Tupperware everything will fit nicely and keep me informed every time I open the pantry doors.

I love it when everything is orderly.

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  1. This is hilarious. I had no idea they still had Tupperware parties.

    I did see a documentary about tupperware and apparently a lady was the one organizing and making everything so popular, then she was fired by her male boss and never got a dime of the millions that she made for his company.

    So, I would be in favor of buying cheaper ripoffs from Malalysia if you can.

    I agree though, the colours are lovely and cute stacked in your shelves, the pastels are just cute, and they are lighter and quieter than glass to handle.

    Hope the party is fun!

  2. Ms Topiary: Yes, sadly it is true. Parties are still going strong and I have to confess that I decided to have a party.....

    Interestingly, despite the fact that I have been laughed at for having the party it is always followed by a request to see the catalogue and that is followed by an agreement to come to the party.

    I keep perusing the catalogue myself. Everything is so neat.

    Once again the woman misses out in the accolades. How common is that in days of yore.


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