Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cooking Shows

I hate cooking shows. Every television station has at least one, if not ten, on them each week.

Then there are cooking segments on morning shows.

That's because I hate cooking. The basic meat and three veg is about the only thing that holds my interest. And I don't eat it. I just dish it up to be eaten by K and S.

I can cook if I really, really have to. Soups, stews, pasta sauces and the like. Then freeze as much as I can so that I do not have to endure the utter boredom of cooking them for a couple of weeks.

Baking is okay. Generally I don't need more than half a dozen ingredients and it is pretty easy to whip up a cake.

But chop vegetables, saute anything or contemplate a recipe that requires more than six ingredients will ensure my utter disinterest pretty quickly.

I hate how cooking has become this big wanky gourmet thing. Outdoor BBQ areas that are geared up like and indoor kitchen really intrigue me. I put them on par with movie rooms. I don't think they are social things. I think they stop people going out.

In fact, in Melbourne there have been restaurants doing a roaring trade cooking BASIC foods like casserole, meat and three veg and bread and butter pudding because people are sick of anything with "jus" in the recipe and just want boring again.

It's just all a big wankity wank.

If I want to catch up with six people for dinner I would rather eat out at some cheap Italian restaurant and that is it. Let someone else cook and clean.

However, I will watch Nigella Lawson do her cooking thing because I don't think it matters what she dishes up, it would be eaten.

She looks great.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday 17th June

I had the day off work today.

I had vaguely planned it in my head during the week and when I woke up this morning I made up my mind that a well earned sleep in was more favorable than going to work.

So I did just that. Slept in and stayed away from work. But it was okay because I got a lot done during the week so there was nothing urgent outstanding. I have just checked my work email and had only two very dull emails sitting there so I was not missed.

This morning a large delivery of timber arrived at my place. The materials for my new studio are now sitting in the driveway waiting to be utilised on Monday. Now I feel excited. It took a while and I actually was getting a bit cross about how long it was taking because I actually need the space not just to do my art in, but also to put things in that are clogging up the garage.

I am going to take loads of photos of it being built because it is very different to my first little studio. Larger in size and more modern in appearance. A better work space for me.

In the afternoon I suggested to my husband and son that we go to the National Gallery of Victoria for the new exhibition that is opening tomorrow. As a member of the gallery I was one of the lucky ones to see it one day earlier which meant less crowds.

The exhibition was Vienna: Art and Design. It was fabulous. I walked around with the audio guide while K and S walked around talking about different things.

In the exhibition were a few beautiful Gustav Klimt paintings and drawings. He really is my all time favorite artists and it was great to see his work in the flesh so to speak. There were also many Egon Schiele works and his beautiful melancholy style was very moving.

When I said to my son he was coming with he had a bit of a moan about it all and asked why he had to go when he hates art galleries. I just said that it was okay to not like them but it was not okay to not be exposed to them and the last thing I wanted was an culturally ignorant son.

My husband said that S talked non stop through the whole exhibition about everything. He made comments on painting styles, furniture design and made comparisons between what he saw at the Guggenheim in New York and what he saw today. He preferred the style of what he viewed here. So he took a lot in.

At the end of it all we had a late lunch and S said to me 'well, what did I get out of that hmmm?" and I replied that he had something put into his head that would be with him always. It was an experience and only added to his mind as opposed to taking from his knowledge. I know he enjoyed it but he liked to deny it. And my husband thought it was great. It was nice to have them both sharing the experience with me.

Came home and on television I saw that the cast from I Dream Of Jeannie were in Australia for some reason and they were being interviewed. In front of them on a table was one of those lovely I Dream Of Jeannie bottles. I have always wanted one. Actually, I have always wanted to live in one. But I have found a place that sells the bottles and I will buy a couple and decorate them. Just for the fun of it.

Yesterday I went to my doctor's to get results from blood tests that were done last week. It all came back fine except my iron levels are low so that explained my horrible tiredness.

During the consultation he noted that my cholesterol levels had gone up slightly. They were now at 4.4 which is still low however it is much higher than I used to be. Years ago I was 1.9 and too low and added dairy back into my diet. Two years ago I was up to 3.4 and that was fine. As I don't eat meat, hardly any dairy and almost no junk food apart from chocolate I was kind of pissed off that my levels had increased as my diet is good.

You see, I have always been a bit smug about my low cholesterol and my low blood pressure. Yes, smug is the word because my husband has high cholesterol and, until previously, high blood pressure and I do not. Even if he ate a vegan diet his cholesterol will be higher than mine because his body makes more cholesterol than mine naturally. So he has to take medication for that. As for his high blood pressure, his significant exercise regime has changed that problem.

Needless to say, I was gobsmacked to see my levels rise so much and asked the doctor why this had happened.

"Oh, just part of getting older?' he told me.

WTF? Yet another crappity crap part of the aging process. My cholesterol levels are rising naturally with the aging process. He reassured me that my lipids would never be an issue because my good cholesterol is rising as well. It's a very natural and healthy level for my age.

Since then I have been totally gutted. I can no longer give that smug "my cholesterol is lower than yours" smile to my husband. Although, the low blood pressure is a never changing thing.

But seriously, here I am doing all the right things. Eating very well, exercising a lot, don't drink, don't smoke and watch my weight and still the aging process is doing its stuff on the sly. Ha! I am going to get that cholesterol down and go back to a vegan diet (no animal products at all). It is not that hard. I have done it beforehand so know what to do. Although, it does make one a social pariah. And I am soy intolerant so that makes it a bit tougher.

Now I am on the internet looking for recipes for vegan cakes and biscuits to make as a treat.

But there is one thing I won't give up.


Yep, not given that up ever.

I have had dairy free chocolate and it is not nice.

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