Sunday, September 12, 2010

History Lesson

My husband and I were talking about the history we were taught in school.

The conversation came about because my son had brought home a project about Ancient Egypt. My husband recalls that he was the same age as S when he really got into Egyptian history.

"Remember history in primary school?" K mused.

"Nope," I replied.

"You must. It was so boring. Burke and Wills stuff. It was terrible," he said.

"Nope," I said.

"You must have. Come on. What about Captain Cook? Surely you were taught about him?" my husband tried to jog my memory.

"Yep. Captain Cook. He chased a chook," I answered.

"What?" said K.

"All around Australia. Remember?" I went on.

"Oh yeah. That's right. He lost his pants," K recalled.

"Yeah, in the middle of France. Then found them in Tasmania," I finished off the history lesson.

Captain Cook
Chased a chook
All around Australia.
Lost his pants
In the middle of France.
And found them in Tasmania.

I learnt that history lesson in primary school.

Not in the class room.

In the playground.

Of all the history I learnt in school, that is about all I have retained.

Maybe all history should be taught in the form of funny verse.

That's a thought. I might put it to the school council.

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Thursday, September 09, 2010


This photo is one I took when I went to Launceston not long ago. It was at an art gallery that was situated above the restaurant I had lunch in.

I like windows. I like looking out of windows and seeing the view. Does not matter to me if the view is good or bad. It is the looking out from in that I like. Whatever is going on out there has nothing to do with me as such. It has something to do with being in the safety of a room and having the option of seeing what is going on.

Whenever I travel I like to take photos of the views from windows. Looking out from a hotel room or a bed and breakfast.

When I look out of a window I wonder just how many people have stood in the same spot and looked at whatever view is there. What were they thinking? Were they even thinking when they looked out? Or were they just looking out to pass the time? Everything is so transient.

I prefer small windows to look out of. I know big windows with sweeping views are the selling point of a house but there is something really nice about the dynamics of a small window. The small space that leads one to be more curious about what is happening outside.
If I look out from a huge expanse of glass I just go "yeah, that's nice". A smaller window seems to awaken an intense curiosity about what is out beyond the obvious view. I get close to the glass pane and look all around. It just feels like I am exploring.
For me, when I see a small window in a house it reminds me of a constantly changing painting hanging on a wall.
Window art.
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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Family Photo

The photo above is of my mother and father standing together.

It was before I was born and I am not sure even if my older sister was born then either.

It looks so fresh.

My mother looks so young. I cannot believe that she will be turning seventy this year.

I think the get together is something to do with the Danish Club.

Beer drinking seems to be the feature of the day.

Time is a strange thing. It has its own message.

But I cannot always read it.

Or understand it.

So I just feel it.

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